Meet the Life Token Team

Life Token (LTN) is made up of 4 Founders, these founders share the same vision and values for Life Token. Scroll down to meet them!


Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Based in Ireland, Dara is an ambitious, determined leader with a profound history working with block chains. Dara established Life Token as a result of the rapid rise in suicide rates globally since the Covid - 19 pandemic.As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Life Token, Dara demonstrates his transparency and growth mindset through his focus on reaching out to those affected by the suicide crisis in todays world.


Co Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Is one of the Co-Founder and CFO here at Life Token, meaning he is responsible for the financial structure behind the scenes.  He also processes the charity donations and any other expenses for the token.  Jack has over 3 years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and is delighted to be working for Life Token.



Tommy Savage is the Chief Operating Officer at Life Token.  He is a true jack of all trades with a diverse background.  Through his experience of him, from hospitality to entrepreneurship, Tom has honed his skills in management, company branding, multi system operations, and the delicate balance of many moving parts within a company.  After losing a dear friend at the hands of suicide, Tommy made a commitment to always do what he could to help save others if presented with the chance, this is that opportunity!


Chief Marketing Officer

Pasquale, our Chief Marketing Officer. Of Italian origin, he takes care of the marketing and public relations of the project. Charismatic and very engaging, he always manages to inspire the community and pass on the right values ​​of the project to everyone. A strong supporter of the project, he unfortunately has past experiences related to suicide, and knows how much it can destroy people's lives.  A full-time student of Physics and Quantum Computation, he has decided to dedicate his life to raise awareness for mental disorders.

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