How to Buy

Step By Step

Below is a simple guide how to purchase Life Token.

Step One

Go to Binance,, or any other exchange that lets you purchase the coin "BNB"

Step Two

After you purchase your BNB, you need to open your store and  go to download  and create a new wallet (We will use Trust Wallet for our tutorial, but Metamask also works). Open Trustwallet, secure your 12 keywords and in the top right corner, next to asset, click on "search token" and type "smart chain". Open Smart chain wallet, click on "receive" and copy the address. Make sure it starts with the string "Ox".

Step Three

Go back on the exchange, open your spot wallet, select the BNB just purchased and click on "withdraw". In the address line paste the address you just copied on Trustwallet. Select the network "Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Then select the amount and proceed with the withdrawal.

Step Four

Once your funds are on Trustwallet you are ready to purchase Lifetoken!
All that you need to do is:
- go on Pancake Swap
- connect your wallet
- open the settings and put manually 14% slippage
- make sure you see in the first line "bnb"
- open second line menu, paste the Lifetoken's contract (0x167e5455e4c978883b414e7f02c0147eec9a18e9) and wait until pancake finds it
- add the token
- buy the amount you desire. P.S. To connect your wallet on Pancake swap the procedure is different for android and ios users.
- IF YOU HAVE ANDROID: From the home page of Trust wallet, open DApp menu you find on the bottom, search for Pancake and just open it.
- IF YOU HAVE IOS: Open your browser and go to and click on connect wallet. Select  "walletconnect" and then click on Trustwallet. Make sure you are on the official pancacke swap platform.

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