Life Token Donations

Saving lives together!

Welcome to our donation page, here you can see our previous donations we have made to charities along our journey. If you have any suggestions for charities we should donate to next please get in touch!

Why we Donate

Life Token was founded to assist those who feel alone, worthless, depressed, those who see life as meaningless. Here at Life Token we want to give everybody an equal opportunity to help prevent suicide. We donate to charities who's goals is to aid those in desperate need, to give people that second chance they never got before, to see the world through different eyes, to show the world why life is worth living.

We truly believe that empowering and rewarding long-term owners is the path to success. That's why Life Token is one of the highest redistribution tokens in BNB on the market. Earn, reinvest, help others.

Our contract, as well as our redistribution system, are unique and tailored to reduce gas fees by 95%. The whole system has been audited for code integrity and security, passing with flying colors. Stay safe, with Life Token

No one likes red. Thanks to our buy-back and burn system and automatic liquidity, we are able to maintain a steady upward trend, protecting us from dumps and whale plays.

Donate to Life Token to help give back to Suicide Prevention

This is our most recent Donation to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Our Donations

Donation 1: $1000 donation to Crisis Text Line

Donation 2: $1200 donation to Jem foundation

Donation 3: $10000 donation to Experience Camps

Donation 4: $3000 donation to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention