About us

Life Token is a charity-orientated token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to aid Suicide Prevention charities all over the world, to help save lives.

We are a team of 20+ staff members who's primary goal is to help market and fundraise as much as we can to donate to those in need while also growing as a cryptocurrency to help profit those who invested with us and give back to everyone.

We are the first crypto-currency in the world which mission is to merge the world of crypto with healthcare and insurance, to help save lives around the globe.


Below is a chart of how our tokeonmics are broken down.

5% BNB redistribution on buys
11% BNB redistribution on sells
2% Auto-LP on buys
2% AutoLP on sells
2% BuyBack and burn on buys
2% Buy Back and burn on sells
1% Charity & 2% Marketing on buys
1% Charity & 2% Marketing on sells

How Life Token came about!

Life Token is a deflationary crypto-currency, the first in the world to have been created for specific beneficial purposes of the aiding people, those who struggle with mental health and are in need of suicide prevention aids.

The first version of the project launched in early 2021, immediately enjoying some success in the crypto community.

On the 5th November 2021, a new version of the crypto-currency (Lifetoken V2) was released, with a renewed and extraordinary tokenomics that provides, among other things, a high proportional redistribution of BNB for all holders of the coin.

A part of the proceeds generated by the tokenomics itself accumulates in a nominal fund from which, weekly, important donations are given to recognized associations that pursue the aim of helping to prevent suicide through the diversified forms of assistance and support.

Another part of the proceeds is dedicated to the development of their application, completely free, which will allow everyone to have access to various forms of psychological support 1: 1, provided by doctors and experts in the field.

The final aim of the project is the creation, through an NFT and smart contract system, of the first forms of insurance, health and life, completely decentralized, contractible through the use of crypto-currencies, which will guarantee the possibility for everyone to exploit the world of De-Fi to be able to pay medical bills that are normally prohibitive, without having to resort to loans with very high interest rates, anywhere in the world.

At the same time, thanks to the peer-to-peer essence of the system, the privacy and protection of sensitive data of all will enjoy inviolable protection and security, since all information will always be processed internally through Smart Contract interaction. -NFT.

Life Token represents the governance token of this developing platform, and provides the holders of the coin with rewards in the form of other crypto-currencies, to make the incentive and support system of the project itself sound and effective.

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White Paper
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